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Mein Name ist Bastian Platz und ich brachte mir das Programmieren in der siebten Klasse selbst bei. Dazu nutzte ich zunächst ein oder zwei Bücher als Referenz. Später stapelten sich dann die Bücher meterhoch.

Ich entschloss mich, diese Profession zu erlernen und studierte Technische Informatik an der Technischen Universität Berlin. Dort machte ich auch meinen Diplom-Ingenieur.

Langjährig sammelte ich als Software-Entwickler in der Berliner Startup-Szene meine Erfahrungen. Währenddessen las ich ständig internationale Fachbücher, um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben.


Heute möchte ich Programmierern durch Produkte helfen. Diese Bestrebungen sammele ich auf dieser Seite, auf der du dich gerade befindest:

Programmers’ Needs.

Schau dich doch mal um, ich würde mich freuen.


Freelancing ist auch eine Option. Ich habe Expertise als Senior Fullstack Webentwickler.

Stichworte sind hier:

  • JavaScript, ES5/6/7
  • CoffeeScript
  • Node.js
  • Meteor.js


Ich bin hier erreichbar:

Bastian is a highly skilled and experienced JavaScript developer. He is up to date on the latest JavaScript language features and is able to effectively put them into practise. Bastian is also very good with advanced concepts and has implemented numerous re-usable abstractions/tools which simplified our development.

Jirka Melichar, Director IT, Comatch GmbH

Bastian is a very technic driven person and feels up-to-date with technical developments. The more complex the task, the more motivation he seems to get.

Dr. Jan Schächtele, Co-founder and CEO, Comatch GmbH

Bastian is a very intelligent, experienced and versatile software engineer and architect. His ability to understand, structure and tackle solutions have made him a key factor in our team.

He does not fear any challenge, no matter how complex it is or how few people have faced it before. For any problem, he delivered a solid solution way before our estimated deadlines.

I was particularly impressed by Bastian’s ability of identifying any kind of potential risks, issues or blockers on or before time. When raising a risk, he already has at minimum one sound plan for mitigation or even a better plan for the whole solution. Bastian is extraordinarily committed to his work and constantly performs in a very organized and transparent matter.

As his knowledge and experience is not limited to programming and software architecture, he brings a broad skillset which he constantly increases through disciplined self-learning in various cutting-edge fields.

A key factor for his and our success is his deep interest and very analytical understanding not only of technical challenges but the whole business we run. I’d like to describe him as the prototype of a network-thinker.

His friendly and calm nature and willingness to help make him very approachable, a great team player and a pleasure to work with.
Bastian is an invaluable asset to any team he works in and we are very happy to have him aboard.

Richard Abendroth, Head of Software Engineering, VISI/ONE GmbH